Project «ЖИВА МОВА»: В українській квартирі

Activity 1

To help you understand the video better, look up the words and phrases below in this Ukrainian-English dictionary. Drag the English translations given below into the correct boxes.

Now watch the video, paying special attention to the rooms in the apartment and the various objects in each room.

Activity 2

Let’s see if you remember the names of some of the objects showed in the tour:

Activity 3

Match the objects showed in the video to the rooms in which they were located:

Activity 4

Watch the video again as many times as needed to mark the statements below:

Activity 5

What do the residents of this apartment mention doing in some of the rooms? Choose all the activities mentioned for each of these rooms.

Activity 6

Ukrainian often uses diminutive suffixes to create new, yet related words. There were two examples of this in the video:

  • шафа – шафка (piece of furniture used for storing things)
  • стіл – столик (table)

Suffix к- in feminine nouns and ик in masculine nouns are often used to convey “smallness.” In these two examples, they also help form new furniture words. Thus, a стіл only refers to a bigger table, such as a dining room table or a desk, whereas столик refers to a smaller type of table, such as a coffee table. Similarly, шафа in Ukrainian refers to larger pieces, such as a large bookcase (книжкова шафа), and шафка refers to smaller furniture for storing things, such as a kitchen cabinet.

Think like a Ukrainian! Judging by the size, choose the most appropriate label for each picture: