Українські різдвяні традиції: Святвечір

Ukrainian Christmas Traditions: Christmas Eve Supper

In this module, you will watch a video that explains what Ukrainians eat and do on Christmas Eve.

Activity 1

To help you understand the video better, look up the words below in this Ukrainian-English dictionary.  Then, drag and drop each English word to its Ukrainian equivalent.

Now watch the video, paying special attention to the dishes discussed:

Activity 2

Let’s see if you remember the main Ukrainian Christmas Eve dishes!

Activity 3

Below is a set of activities. Please be sure to use the blue arrow to navigate from one to another and go through all of them.

Activity 4: A Wacky Tradition

Sometimes, when Ukrainians make вареники for Святвечір, they will put an unusual filling in a few of them as a practical joke. If you find yourself biting into a вареник full of black peppercorns or something else not quite edible, don’t be upset: supposedly, it brings good luck!

Choose a вареник below by clicking on it and see if you are the lucky one!

The photo “Varenyky” by Bo&Ko is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.