Marina de Fazio

Marina de Fazio is the Director of the Italian Language Program in the Department of French, Francophone & Italian Studies. She has collaborated to several Italian language textbooks projects, and most recently to the print and MyItalianLab versions of the Student Activities Manual for Percorsi: L’Italia attraverso la lingua e la cultura, (3rd ed.) published by Pearson-Prentice Hall in 2014. Her other publications include scholarly articles on Dante’s Commedia and Boccaccio’s Decameron.

Nina Kinti-Moss

Nina Kinti-Moss is a lecturer in the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies.  Her research interests include Ecuadorian culture and documenting variations in the dialects of the Quichua language.

Ani Kokobobo

Ani Kokobobo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures.  She specializes in nineteenth-century Russian literature as well as Balkan modernism. In addition to working on individual authors like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Andrić, and Kadare, in her research she has also explored larger theoretical problems like representations of violence and the body in literature as well as the political significance of aesthetic styles and genres.

Patricia W. Manning

Patricia W. Manning is an Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. She has a wide range of research interests in early modern Spanish literature, including the novela cortesana, Cervantes, Gracián and teaching seventeenth-century Spanish texts to US undergraduates, as well as book and visual culture, the Inquisition, emblems and the Society of Jesus. These activities, which she designed for SPAN 322 Spanish Grammar: Form and Meaning in Context, a fifth semester grammar review course, reflect her interest in contemporary Hispanic popular culture.

Jonathan Perkins

Jonathan Perkins is the Director of the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center. He has taught Russian at all levels, in addition to teaching courses in Russian culture, Slavic folklore and instructional technology. In addition to his work at EGARC, he is the co-Director of the KU Language Training Center. He is a major proponent of Open Educational Resources and is a co-author of the online Russian textbook Между нами.

Oleksandra Wallo

Oleksandra Wallo is Assistant Professor of Ukrainian and Second Language Studies. She teaches elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of Ukrainian, and is the Director of KU’s summer study abroad program, the KU Language Institute, in L’viv, Ukraine. She conducts research on the teaching of various grammar aspects of Ukrainian in the college classroom, as well as on contemporary Ukrainian literature by women writers.

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