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About the Band

Hip-hop-, Reggae-, Soul-, and Funk-musician Jan Delay began his music career within the highly productive and creative Hamburg music scene. He has been instrumental in the development of German-language music, experimenting with various styles and collaborating with a number of well-known German artists. As one of the founding members of the band “Absolute Beginner,” he helped produce the first and so far only German-language rap album to reach number one in the German charts, “Blast Action Heroes”. His first solo album “Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels” was released in 2001. It consists primarily of reggae with a mixture of dancehall and dub music, and incorporates guest artists from the German rap and hip-hop scene, demonstrating Jan Delay’s diverse interests and abilities. He remains active both as a member of Beginner and as a solo artist.

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Teaching Video

A frequent occurrence in this song, including the title, is the use of accusative pronouns. A pronoun is simply a word that replaces or refers to a noun, like saying she instead of saying your mother’s name whenever you want to refer to her. Just like the English “she” changes to “her”, German pronouns change according to how they are used in the sentence.  In the following video we will briefly explain what the Accusative Case is and show you how pronouns are affected by it.

Grammar Summary

For a quick overview of the video, see this Accusative Grammar Summary PDF.

Online Practice

For the following exercises, we’ll be working with the words that we heard in the song.

Exercise 1

First, we’ll look at the pronouns. In this exercise, you are given the Accusative form of each pronoun. Type in the Nominative (Nominativ) of each pronoun and then the English equivalent of the Accusative pronoun. Click on “Check Answers” to see which ones you got right. If any are incorrect, go ahead and correct them, then click on “Check Answers” again. Don’t refresh the screen! That will wipe out all of your hard work! Make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly, too. If you’re not sure how to type in the special characters, go here for a handy reference.

Exercise 2

In this next exercise, we’ll work with the meanings of the verbs found in the song and we’ll also work a little on conjugation. You are given the “du”-form of each verb. Type the infinitive form in the first column (Infinitiv) then give the English equivalent of that verb. To help you with this, we’ve given you the English meanings of the verbs. Make sure you include the “to” for each equivalent.
Select from these English equivalents for this exercise:
to bend, to call, to cry, to forget, to get, to laugh, to lie (to tell an untruth) , to move, to remember, to sleep (to crash at someone’s place), to swear.

Here is an alternative worksheet that your instructor may choose to assign: Alternate Worksheet

Exercise 3

Now that we know what these vocab words mean, let’s practice what we just learned about Accusative Pronouns.

Read each sentence and select the Nominative form of the Accusative pronoun that occurs in the sentence. Pay close attention to the case of any pronouns that you see!

Exercise 4

This final exercise will be a little different. You will be presented with three pronouns in each sentence and you will need to select the one that is in the Accusative case. This will have a mixture of singular and plural pronouns.

Classroom Exercise

Print out the Partneraktivität worksheet and complete the first part of it on your own before coming to class. Check with your instructor for the due date. You will work on the rest of it with a partner in class.

Follow-up Exercise

Now that you have worked with accusative pronouns and know the meanings of the words that appear in the song, let’s see how well you understand the lyrics. If your instructor assigns it, print out the Folgeübungen worksheet and view the video again as you complete the exercises. Bring the worksheet to class for review and discussion.

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