Der-Wörter // Xavier Naidoo

About the Artist

Xavier Naidoo’s music career began during his school years with school and church choirs in his hometown of Mannheim, Germany, but his commercial success started in the early 90’s in the USA, where he published his first solo album Seeing is Believing under the stage name “Kobra”. He is a founding member of the music group “Söhne Mannheims“ and still performs with them in addition to his solo career. Though primarily a Soul and R&B performer, he has collaborated with various rap and hip-hop artists, including Kool Savas and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA.

Want to know more about Xavier Naidoo? Visit his official website.

Teaching Video

Watch this short video to learn more about accusative pronouns.

Grammar Summary

From a quick overview of the video, see this Der Words Grammar Summary (PDF) .

Online Practice

In this module, we’ll be focusing on the der-words, but we’ll be using the nouns that are mentioned in the song, so let’s make sure we know what they mean first.

Exercise 1

In this exercise, you are given a noun. Use what you just learned about der-words to find the proper form of “dieser” for that noun and type it in the second column (dies-), then type in the English translation for that noun. Click on “Check Answers” to see which ones you got right. If any are incorrect, go ahead and correct them, then click on “Check Answers” again. Don’t refresh the screen! That will wipe out all of your hard work! Make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly, too. If you’re not sure how to type in the special characters, go here for a handy reference.

Note that some of the nouns may have more than one meaning. Try different ones until you get it right.

Exercise 2

Now that we’ve seen how these words behave, let’s practice what you’ve learned.  Read each sentence and select the noun that best fits the form of the der-word that appears.

Exercise 3

They should read something like: This final exercise will be a little different. You will be presented with three forms of the same word and you will need to select the one that agrees with the noun after it. This will have a mixture of all three genders in the Nominative case.

Classroom Exercise

Print out the Partneraktivität worksheet and complete the first part of it on your own before coming to class. Check with your instructor for the due date. You will work on the rest of it with a partner in class.

Now that you have worked with accusative pronouns and know the meanings of the words that appear in the song, let’s see how well you understand the lyrics. If your instructor assigns it, print out the Folgeübungen worksheet and view the video again as you complete the exercises. Bring the worksheet to class for review and discussion.

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